GIADA's Commitment to the Preservation of Italian Culture

As a brand that believes in Art to Art, GIADA pursues an ongoing commitment in support of Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense, one of the most important public libraries in Italy, housed in one of Milano’s most beautiful historic buildings.

At GIADA’s 2019 Spring Summer Fashion Show, the brand donated funds to support the restoration of the Sala di Lettura of the Biblioteca Braidense. The restoration of this room will allow the preservation of a cultural treasure, the heritage of a building that among the centuries has hosted people belonging to culture, and has safeguarded the knowledge of art and philosophy.

At the end of the 2019 Fall Winter fashion show, a new donation was announced for the renewal of the lighting system in the old rooms of the Biblioteca, including Sala Maria Teresa, Sala Lettura and Sala Cataloghi.

The restoration of Biblioteca Braidense reaffirms GIADA’s connection to Italian arts and culture as a patron of this remarkable heritage of mankind.

In 2017, two never-before-published letters by writer Alessandro Manzoni were donated to the Braidense National Library during the 2018 Spring Summer Fashion Show inside the Brera Picture Gallery. One is a signed letter to Filippo Guenzati dated 26 April 1850, and the other a handwritten letter to Paolo Fusi dated 14 August 1855. The donation was a valuable enhancement to the library’s Manzonian Fund.

In 2018, GIADA donated 39 copies of autographed letters by Francesco Hayez on the occasion of the 2018 Fall Winter Fashion Show. This collection of letters is considered to be of enormous interest for Milan and for the fund of great value dedicated to the Italian painter that the library preserves.

GIADA is committed to the preservation of classical Italian culture and heritage, and will carry on this tradition.