Product Story

The Andi Coat
A Symbol of Everlasting Icon

In 2014, Rosanna Daolio, the founder of GIADA, created the sketch of a coat in GIADA’s studio at Via Sant’Andrea 23, Milan.

Rosanna had a deep connection with the Sant’Andrea office where the classic Milanese interior décor inspires her.

Named after its birth place, the Andi coat was born here.

“My muse for Andi coat is the contemporary woman,” Rosanna says. “She looks for timeless styles rather than transient trends.

And the name Andi stands for courage and strength, the kind of woman that represents GIADA Lady.”

Countless hours were devoted to the making of Andi coat, to reach the perfect balance between fabric, cut and silhouette.

The finest wool fabric gives the coat a sublime quality, with high slits on the sides rendering a fluid sense of elegance.

It is one-of-a-kind because of its absence of details.

In fashion, there are details that characterize a particular season, such as a pocket design, a neckline or a sleeve cut, but these details may fade away quickly.

The Andi coat is unique and pure, a symbol of absolute simplicity and everlasting icon regardless of time and trends. It’s a coat that doesn’t go unnoticed.

“Andi coat is a wardrobe staple.” Rosanna says, “It can be worn every season with a bit of styling that goes with the current fashion and your individuality.”

That’s what timelessness is in GIADA’s fashion philosophy: continuity in style that connects the everlasting with the present.